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Hmmm let me narrate you some part of interview and then analyze it for you so that you may get where I went wrong

I was my 7th semester of B.E. in Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and our placements were going on. I had cleared the test for CISCO and was selected for technical interview

As I enter the room, there were two people sitting in the panel. They asked me to sit on the chair placed exactly in front of them.

They ask the first question

Q- What are your weaknesses? (no describe your self or strengths and remember this is technical interview)

After asking the question, they both started looking at me or I should say staring at me.

Motive: They were doing this with the clear intention of discomforting me and observing my behavior in that pressure situation.

Ideal: God knows how I behaved but the ideal way to behave in this situation is to behave confidently and sit in the right posture and no movement of feet or hands which one does generally in the nervous situation. And answer the question confidently.

Q- What are your strengths?

Motive: To know about me and my view about myself

Ideal: One should try to include those strengths in the answer so that interviewer is able to spot the same strength in your resume and the strengths which are gonna be helping on the job which are interviewing for.

Q- What do I know about CISCO?

Motive:  How much candidate knows about the company which would reflect candidates’ true interest in the company. It would indicate whether it’s only the package and the ordinary tendency to get a job or the field interest and the platform which the company provides.

Me: I knew something but not exactly upto the mark

Ideal: Read about the company and list out the few points which interest you or should interest a ideal candidate before appearing the for the recruitment and listen carefully in the presentation. It also is a good habit to ask about what you read in the presentation itself.

                Answer should include few facts and then the general introduction and best would be to include some information which you may get from a senior or some employee of that company


Q- Which is the thing you remember the most from the presentation?

Motive: To check about the candidate that how attentive he was in the presentation and it may also be indicative of candidates’ field of interest.

Ideal: Ideal here is that the candidate listens carefully, not merely preparing for this type of question but also to know more about the company

Q- Some technical questions



Q- Some questions from resume



Q- Then they asked me about the field I am interested in. There were 3 choices of networking, software & electronics and I had to list them in my preference order.

Motive:  Does the field of interest of the candidate and the post which company is here for matches.

 Me: I listed software at the bottom. Although CISCO has posts for all 3 three fields but later I got to know that they were here for software jobs only. Although I was well prepared for the software section but here I went wrong. If I knew earlier I could easily have put software at the top.

Ideal: Make sure about which profile company is offering and incline your interest and interview in that direction. As this is very important hence one should ask in the presentation itself if he/she is not clear.

I lost it here.

Q- After skimming through my resume, they asked me about if I have done any networking project..?

Motive: Just to know about the efforts I have put in during my past in this field.

Me: I said No I haven’t done any project in networking

I lost it completely here.

Ideal: Tell them about the project you have done if any in the field and narrate it in an interesting and impressive manner. One may exaggerate the project a bit to make it impressive.


In case you haven’t done any, tell them about some project you are aware of although you haven’t done it.


Instead of saying a straight No, tell them that you are very good in the basics of that field and you have good skills etc to work in the company and you may cover it till joining. Also you may tell them about other projects also. One can convert it into an opportunity to convince them that although you haven’t done any project but your skills would benefit the company etc.

I think I had lost it there completely.

Then there were some more questions which were indicating that they were not anymore interest in me.


The mistakes provide the opportunity to learn things, the best possible way


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