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When the candidate is appearing for a job interview, getting ready for the important moment in his/her life is a good practice. Preparing well is the key to success during the interview. There are different parts of the pre interview preparation:

  1. Analyzing yourself
  2. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Inquiring about the company
  4. Analyzing the job
  5. Revising the knowledge
  6. Develop the resume and interview file
  7. Analyzing all the expected questions
  8. Interview practice

Analyze yourself: The candidate must analyze him/herself before appearing for the interview. It looks really strange but most of us would be unable to answer the basic interview question”Describe yourself”. We must analyze our background, our achievements and interests. As it is most obvious of the interviewers that they’ll try to explore our background and match it with the job requirements. Hence one must prepare him/herself about all those contradicting questions about our background or education which don’t match the job requirements. For example if an electronics engineer is appearing for a software company, an obvious question would be “why is the candidate looking for software job”.

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses: A job requires certain skills in a candidate for better performance and in a interview this is one of the main motives of the interviewer to check whether the candidate posses those skills. Hence the candidate must think about the strengths and weaknesses and use them to good effect during the interview. Doing this he would be able to answer questions like” what are your strengths”, “what are your weaknesses” and “ how do you fit in our job” or “justify your candidature” etc.

Inquire about the company: Before going for interview the candidate must collect all the basic information about the company. For example learn about the various fields of operation. Recents products, some special applaud able feature, work culture and position in the market. This would help the candidate to be in a better position. He/she can answer questions like “why are you interested in our company only”, “what do you know about the company”. These are the instances where the candidate has to speak good about the company and make an impression.

Job information: Knowing better about the job applied for is a positive which can be very handy during the interview. Hence one must know the broad information about the job. This would help the candidate to successfully answer the questions like “why should be select you” etc.

Revise your knowledge: Along with the other things, being good in your field is also important. Hence the candidate should revise the entire relevant course.

Develop the resume and interview file: The resume and the interview file play a big part in your first impression. Hence the candidate must also spend sufficient time in these. The candidate must take along all the certificates, degrees etc which are relevant to the job. For writing your resume we have written a article on resume writing which you can refer to on the link:


and also we have posted a sample resume on the link”


Analyzing the expected questions:  The candidate must analyze all the expected questions and think of their answers before actually giving an interview. This helps the candidate to gain confidence and also the self belief. You can refer to some sample questions and their answers along with interviewer perspective on the link:


Interview practice:  After analyzing all the expected questions, the candidate should practice to gain some idea about the real interview. The main purpose of practicing is to learn to how to answer in a natural way with confidence. The candidate can practice in following ways:

  1. Rehearse expected questions: Write the answers of expected questions and then rehearse them before friends etc and know their feedback to improve.
  2. Mock interviews: Give interviews to a panel of friends, classmates etc.
  3. Audio practice: Record your voice (answers) and listen to them. This way the candidate can self-analyze the confidence level and the other parameters like natural way of answering to get better.

We have developed software to create a virtual interview environment and record the whole interview. This way candidate can get the experience of the interview. You can refer to the software on the following link:



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