Binary Code


We can categorize binary codes in following types:

Weighted codes: These codes have fixed weights for different binary positions

e.g.  BCD codes, 8 4 -2 -1, 2 4 2 1 etc

Non-weighted codes: These codes don’t have fixed weights for different binary positions

e.g. excess-3 codes, gray code

Sequential codes: In this coding system, we have consecutive codeswhosedecimal equivalents differ only by 1

e.g. excess-3 codes

Random codes: These codes don’t have consecutive codes differing by 1 in their decimal equivalents

e.g. gray codes

Alphanumeric codes:  These codes are used to represent different alphabets. We can have codes for  26 alphabets both in lowercase and higher case, numeric 0-9 and some special symbols like @,#,$,%,& etc . ASCII codes are an example of alphanumeric codes

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