Sequential Circuits

Master slave Flip flop

We use 2 separate latches to construct a master-slave flip-flop. One latch acts as a Master and other acts as a Slave. Both are level triggered latches but one is latched on positive level and other on negative level.  Diagram of the RS master-slave flip-flop is as: First latch acts as a master and 2nd latch acts as […]

Sequential Circuits

JK Latch

This is very similar to RS latch but the ambiguous state has been eliminated and output is fed back to the AND gates. Also in this latch we get a complimented output when both the inputs are 1. Inputs are designated as J and K. The circuit diagram is as follow: Let’s now try to […]

Boolean Algebra

Universal Gates

NAND and NOR gates are called universal gates as any digital function can be implemented by using only NAND or NOR gate alone. Combinational and sequential both type of circuits can be implemented using NAND or NOR gate. Let’s see how we can derive all basic gates from NAND: Let’s now see that how we […]