Boolean Algebra


Q-1 Show the level transitions in the input signal at the output line if Tp1 = 2ns, Tp2 = 2, Tp3=3ns, Tp4= 2 ns and assuming that all the transitions in input occur at t=0

Ans:  At node A: We have transition after the delay of Tp1 = 2 ns and at t=2 a HIGH to LOW pulse occurs

At node B:           We have 2 transitions at input: one LOW to HIGH at t=0 and other HIGH to LOW at t=2, hence we get output as a pulse of width 2 ns with 1st transition at t=2 and 2nd at t=4 ns as shown:

At node C:           We have a LOW to HIGH transition at t=5

OUTPUT:             Now we take OR of pulses at node B & C and we get the result as:

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