Combination Circuits

Q10: Implement ALU using MUX & ADDER

Q- Implement a basic ALU which performs the operations of logical AND, logical OR, ADD, SUBRACT depending on the values of S1 & S0

Ans: We need to use an ADDER, AND gate, OR gate and some MUXes to implement the above function. We select the functions using the two variables S0 & S1 as:

S1           S0                           F (S0, S1)

0              0                              AND

0              1                              OR

1              0                              ADD A & B

1              1                              SUBTRACT B FROM A

Firstly we’ll select one out of two logical operations and one out of two arithmetic operations using 2 to 1 MUX and then we select one out of 2 already selected operations and get the result.

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