Sequential Circuits

QUESTIONS: Flip flops/Latch

 Q-What is the difference between LATCH & FLIP-Flop?

Ans:  We can easily find the answer after going through the theory given:

  1. Latches are level sensitive while flip-flops are edge sensitive devices
  2. Hence latches faces problems like glitches in the output while no such problem occurs in flip-flops.
  3. As we can see from different circuits given earlier, we need more gates to implement flip-flops than latches.

 Q- Implement the function of D latch using MUX?

Ans:  We know D-LATCH can be triggered when CLK is 1 (positive level triggered) or when CLK is 0 (negative level triggered). Hence we can implement both of these as follow:

And we can make a truth table for each of these as:

Those are actually the truth tables for D-LATCH. Hence we get the D-latch using MUX.

Q- Implement the function of T latch using MUX & a NAND gate?

Ans:  We can achieve the above as follow:

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